Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find the answer to your questions below please do not hesitate to email us.  Please be sure that when emailing us, if your questions are regarding an existing order you include the order number.


1. When will my order ship?
    - Orders typically ship next business day.  In some cases orders shipping UPS will run a day behind.  We do ask that you allow 1-3 business days outside of the holiday rush and 3-5 business days during the holiday rush.  Orders are filled in the order received and this is simply to allow plenty of time for order processing if you are working with a deadline.

2. I changed my mind.  Can I get a refund or exchange my items?
    - Due to the nature of the product we do not allow refunds or exchanges on personalized items.  However, if you have purchased blanks or craft supplies you may return or exchange them.  In order to do so you will be responsible for paying return shipping and in the cases of exchange the shipping cost for the exchange items.  All returns or exchanges must be shipped securely packages and in new unused condition.  Any items that are returned damaged due to lack of secure packaging will not be credited or refunded.  We will provide photos showing the damages so buyers understand why they are not receiving credit/refund for the items returned in unusable/unsaleable condition.

3.  My items arrived and some are damaged.  What do I need to do?
     - You must contact us with photos showing any damages within 2 business days.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If items arrived damaged we must have photographic proof of the damages in order to refund or replace those items.  If you contact us after the 2 business day mark, unfortunately we cannot replace or refund items.

4.  My order was missing something.  How do I go about getting the missing items?
    - You must contact us within 2 business days and email us the list of items received and we will ship out the missing items asap.  Please be sure that your email includes a list of all received items, not simply a screenshot of the original order, or a message stating what was missing from the order.  We must also have confirmation of what was received to ensure complete accuracy so that all items are accounted for and we are able to confirm exactly what was and was not received.

5.  Why does my vinyl have air bubbles?

If your adhesive vinyl arrived with what appears to be bubbles please note this is NOT a damage, flaw or indication of poor quality. Because of the type/thickness of the backing and material the vinyl is made of this will happen from time to time with some of the specialty adhesive vinyls. This is called tunneling. With care and time you can work these tunnels of air out by starting from the middle and gently moving the air tunnels toward the edges or by gently lifting the vinyl from the backing and placing it back down on the backing. You need to push the air tunnels out NOT try to flatten them out. We encourage that with either method you time take and use care and work in small sections. Tunneling does not warrant a refund or exchange.

6.  How should I wash my tumbler/bottle personalized with adhesive vinyl?

Caring for drinkware items personalized with permanent adhesive vinyl:

- Hand wash only. We DO NOT advise that personalized drinkware items be washed in any dishwashers. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners or scrubber sponges. Mild dish soap and a soft sponge or rag should be used. Gently wipe over the personalized areas. Do not soak or submerge personalized portions of the drinkware in water.



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